Fungi Outer Hebrides

  • Bunodophoron melanocarpum
  • Lichina pygmaea
  • Ramalina farinacea
  • Sphaerophorus globosus
  • Stereocaulon vesuvianum
  • Usnea flammea

Fruticose and Filamentous Lichens

Fruticose lichens have a branched and bushy apperance, they are usually attached to the substrate at a single point and may be either erect or pendant. In fruticose lichens with flattened branches, the cortex extends round both surfaces of the branch so that they upper and lower surfaces are identical.
Filamentous lichen are soft and hair-like and may form mats comprised of very fine filaments. The fungal hyphae form sheaths around filaments of algal cells.

Fruticose and Filamentous Species